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QR TidsbookningBook an appointment with our orthopedic surgeons online here 

You may easily make an appointment for your orthopedic evaluation here > (direct link)

The time and place for surgery will be decided together with your orthopedic surgeon.

You may book an appointment at the following locations:

  • Halmstad, Halland: Activemotion works in close collaboration with the Tudor Clinic and Our clinic is housed in the Specialist Doctors’ Clinic (Specialistmottagningen) on Brogatan 6 in Halmstad. First and third Tuesday every month.
  • Skummeslövsstrand, Halland: Stora Strandvägen 6. Appointments here can be made on the second and fourth Tuesday every month when our surgeons are here.
  • Malmö Skåne: Activemotion is housed in the Cura-kliniken at Erikslust i Malmö, above Lidl, on Erikslustvägen 24.
    Services available every Monday and Wednesday.

Patients that come for evaluations referred by, or on consultations from, county council affiliated primary care centers (vårdcentraler and/or private clinics) pay the standard fee of 200 Kr in Halland, and 300 Kr for a specialist doctor’s consultation in Skåne. Swedish high-cost protection for outpatient care applies. (i.e where the cost of visits to clinics in the region and in other county council areas as well as private healthcare providers are added up, and you will be issued a no charge exemption card once you have reached the threshold of SEK 1 150)


Should there be indications for surgery, this will be performed at one of our affiliated hospitals in Denmark. The medical expenses for this may be covered according to Swedish law (SFS 2013:513), and you will be reimbursed by the Swedish Försäkringskassan once they have approved your application. However, you do have to pay for contingency travel expenses. (Read more about your right to be reimbursed for costs due to medical care in another country within the EU etc): Link to Swedish law (lag) (Svensk FörfattningsSamling > SFS Lag (2013:513))